Ovarian Artery Clamps

Contributor: Dr. Adam Magos, London
Date: 21st February 2009

The use of triple tourniquets to occlude uterine blood flow is one of the most effective techniques for reducing intra-operative blood loss at open myomectomy. The standard technique invovles placing a tourniquet around the cervix (to occlude uterine blood flow from the uterine arteries) and tourniquets around the left and right infundibulo-pelvic ligaments (to occlude uterine blood flow from the ovarian arteries) resulting in complete haemostasis during surgery.

There is concern that the application of tourniquets lateral to the ovaries may result in ovarian damage secondary to inevitable ovarian ischaemia. Ordinary tourniquets cannot be placed medial to the ovaries as this would result in trauma to the fallopian tubes. The Ovarian Artery Clamps have been designed specifically to circumvent this problem as they can be placed medial to the ovaries without damaging the fallopian tubes,and are now available as straight and curved forms.

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Background information
Step-by-step guide
Open myomectomy using straight ovarian clamps and pericervical tourniquet
Open myomectomy using curved ovarian clamps and pericervical tourniquet


Magos A, Al-Shabibi N, Korkontzelos I, Gkioulekas N, Tsibanakos I, Gkoutzioulis A, Moustafa M. Ovarian artery clamp: initial experience with a new clamp to reduce bleeding at open myomectomy. J Obstet Gynaecol. 2011;31(1):73-6.

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